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  • 4 Axis Double Head Swing Head Engraving Machine

4 Axis Double Head Swing Head Engraving Machine

Technical Parameter
Spec CS-3030-2
Processing size 3000*2000
Fees height ≤600 (customizable)
Spindle power 5.5/7.5 (customizable)
Driving system Servo (customizable)
Control system NC studio /shanlong/RichAuto DSP (customizable)
Cooling system Water cooling
Transmission system Square rail, rack, screw
Working Voltage AC 380V/50HZ /AC220V/50HZ
Command code G code NC, ENG
Processing precision ±0.05
Table structure Stainless steel, aluminum profile, PVC board
Working desk ±90°/±180°Automatic flip

Industry and application

1. With absolute value servo motor adopted and the initial position permanently memorized, there is no need to return to mechanical origin and the origin of the workpiece is permanently stored with high precision.

2. The height of the gantry is 1000. When the ordinary 3-axis is used, it can put 900mm thick workpiece.

3. The fuselage beam of the heavy-duty steel frame is seamlessly welded by thickened high-strength steel, with high processing accuracy, firm, stable and nondeformable.

4. Optimized back structure with strong cutting function saves the left and right space of the machine, which has high power operation, fast response and strong power.

5. Using reliable, fine and stable Taiwan screw, slider, square rail and other transmission components for high speed and high precision of the packaging machine.