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  • 4 Axis Single Head Stone Column Engraving Machine

4 Axis Single Head Stone Column Engraving Machine

Technical Parameter
Spec CS-120300-1
Processing size φ1200*3000
Fees height ≤400 (customizable)
Spindle power 5.5/7.5 (customizable)
Driving system Servo (customizable)
Control system NC studio /shanlong/RichAuto DSP (customizable)
Cooling system Water cooling
Transmission system Square rail, rack, screw
Working Voltage AC 380V/50HZ /AC220V/50HZ
Command code G code NC, ENG
Processing precision ±0.05
Table structure Stainless steel, aluminum profile, PVC board

Industry and application

1. The thimble is specially customized for the turning machine, and a single head can carry 4 tons of stones.

2. A-axis servo motor: 5.5KW.

3. The saw blade motor is mounted on the rear of the machine, freeing up room on the left and right sides. It is quite powerful and can handle enormous amounts of chip depth at once.