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  • 4 Axis Six-head Stone Cylinder Engraving Machine

4 Axis Six-head Stone Cylinder Engraving Machine

Technical Parameter
Spec CS-12040-6
Processing size φ400*1200
Fees height ≤400 (customizable)
Spindle power 5.5/7.5 (customizable)
Driving system Servo (customizable)
Control system NC studio /shanlong/RichAuto DSP (customizable)
Cooling system Water cooling
Transmission system Square rail, rack, screw
Working Voltage AC 380V/50HZ /AC220V/50HZ
Command code G code NC, ENG
Processing precision ±0.05
Table structure Stainless steel, aluminum profile, PVC board

Industry and application

1. The custom-made train track at the thimble part replaces the traditional round track, which is easy to rust and get stuck, and is not durable.

2. The front thimble is electrically and automatically pushed forward and backward as a whole, without manual push, and the operation is simple and practical.

3. The A axis is driven by dual motors to avoid long-distance load caused by one motor driving 6 turbines.