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  • 7 Axis Robot
  • 7 Axis Robot
  • 7 Axis Robot
  • 7 Axis Robot
  • 7 Axis Robot

7 Axis Robot


Technical Parameter
Equipment model CS-KR210 R2700
SWL 210 Kg   Maximum arm reach
Maximum arm length 2700 mm
Processing size ∅1000mmx2500mm stone
Rotating desk 1000mm diameter Infinite rotation
Spindle power 15KW with position and targeting
Spindle speed 18500 RPM
Axis quatity 7 fully automatic
Axis 1 speed ±185°    86°/s
Axis 2 speed 0°~ -146°    84°/s
Axis 3 speed 155°~ -119°    84°/s
Axis 4 speed ±350°    100°/s
Axis 5 speed ±125°    110°/s
Axis 6 speed ±350°    184°/s
Axis 7 speed Infinite    84°/s
Repeated deviation <±0.06mm
Tool support Engraving tools-Saw blade/polishing need special design
Automatic tools center Available        Option
Protection duty IP65 High protection     With protection cover
Program software Sprut CAM

Industry and application

It can solve all the problems that the existing engraving machine cannot solve.